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ED2 launches its new line of 5G Repeaters for mmWave frequencies with unprecedented performance and flexibility
  • RAR Series 

    Rural America Repeater


    RAR is intended for range extension in sparse and rural areas. Offered at a significantly lower cost than a 5G SBS, RAR provides economic incentive to operators to extend their 5G offering to underserved communities without incurring high CAPEX. With a superior EIRP (~ 51 dBm), RAR extends the gNB range by several kilometers, and yet achieve transmission speeds in the order of 4-6 Gbps.
  • ACR Series

    Around the Corner Repeater


    ACR is intended for urban environments with high risers, e.g., Manhattan street map (see figure). In these environments, a highly directional 5G mmWave transmission can be easily obstructed by large objects. Due to the limited scattering at mmWave frequencies, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) communications is often not possible. ACR addresses this and similar scenarios by intercepting gNB/UE signals and “repointing” them along the appropriate LOS direction.
  • OIR Series

    Outdoor to Indoor Repeater


    Blockage and poor penetration of solid objects at mmWave bands make it quite challenging to bring a 5G mmWave signal indoor. ED2’s OIR targets this scenario, allowing for seamless indoor/outdoor connectivity at mmWave bands.

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Why a 5G repeater?

The cellular industry, including wireless operators and device manufacturers, is racing to deliver the Fifth Generation (5G) wireless solutions to end-users through three main service categories (a.k.a. “use cases”):
  • Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB),
  • Ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC)
  • Massive machine-type communications (mMTC).
However, it has now become clear that transitioning from the existing LTE technology (the most common form of 4G cellular systems) into 5G technology is by no means incremental. From an architectural perspective, LTE relies heavily on macro-base-stations (MBSs) for radio access. This is in contrast to 5G systems, which exploit the concept of cell densification and deploy a large number of short-range Small BSs (SBSs) to increase spatial reuse and support thousands of users at Gbps speeds. To achieve comparable coverage to LTE on a national scale, a prohibitively large number of 5G SBSs (i.e., gNBs) are needed; a significant capital investment that operators are still hesitant to make. Instead of deploying a prohibitively large number of small, ED2 is advocating a cost-effective solution for uniform and continuous 5G coverage at mmWave bands. Our idea is based on the concept of a repeater; a device that intercepts 5G signals between the BS and UE (User Equipment), amplifies these signals and forwards them to their destinations. ED2’s repeaters enable operators to fill their coverage gaps by providing outdoor cell-range extension in sparse and rural areas, “around the corner” directional relaying in areas with high-rise buildings, and outdoor-to-indoor coverage. Three types of repeaters are available to support these different scenarios:

About ED2

ED2 is an elite team that can solve engineering challenges that others find too difficult. We have extensive expertise in RF radio, radar, software, and wireless systems; our core team holds numerous patents. 

ED2 provides the following:

  • Fastest time to market
  • The experience that understands customer challenges
  • Better value (performance-size -cost)
  • Support with access to technology experts

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Making 5G Happen

ED2 is an elite team that can solve engineering challenges that others find too difficult. We have extensive expertise in RF radio, radar, software, and wireless systems; our core team holds numerous patents.
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