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ACR Series

Around the Corner Repeater

Superior EIRP (~ 51 dBm)
Highly efficient receive sensitivity (NF-Ga) = -13 dB)
Up to 12 km range from gNB
Low complexity/cost high-gain dielectric antenna
Dual polarized repeater


ACR Series Overview

In contrast to the RAR, the ACR may have multiple SUs that are interconnected to the DU via a hub, e.g., Optical Master Unit (OMU), which provides IF signal splitting, DC power, and a frequency reference to each of the connected SUs. The DU and hub may be spaced out by a maximum of 100 feet. Similarly, the spacing between the hub and each SU can be up to 100 feet. These distances are currently set by the intrinsic loss of the LMR-300 cable. If a greater distance is required, a lower loss cable can be utilized. The RF frontend for DU and SUs is similar to those used in the RAR, except that the SU antenna system for ACR has a wider beam to service several spaced out UEs at close range.




In some optional configurations, the SU for the ACR is equipped with multiple directional dielectric rods, each pointing towards a specific sector. A switched-beam box is used to control the activation of these beams based on gNB instructions. The ACR’s DU and SUs can be placed on the poles and traffic lights at major intersections, or even on the corners of buildings.

For the around the corner scenario, ED2 proposes a very similar configuration as the RAR series repeater system. a single donor unit paired with a service unit with a broad angle coverage antenna in order to cover an area previously shadowed by a building or other structure. The configuration can be altered by adding a hub unit to provide IF signal splitting, DC power, and a frequency reference to the connected service units. With two connected service units per donor unit, the Manhattan grid configuration is supported as seen in the figure above.

Making 5G Happen

ED2 is an elite team that can solve engineering challenges that others find too difficult. We have extensive expertise in RF radio, radar, software, and wireless systems; our core team holds numerous patents.
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